Autism Resources & Education for Families

A diagnosis of autism can be very challenging for families. While Avondale House can provide services in many of these areas, there are other resources available to assist in providing appropriate services to individuals on the autism spectrum.  Following are some questions you may be asking and some resources to help you find answers. 

I think my child may be on the autism spectrum; where can I go for a diagnosis?

My child is newly diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); where can I look for services?

My child is aging out of school services. What adults services are available?

My child is out of school for the summer; are there any programs available?

How do I access benefits for my child with ASD?

Are there medical professionals that specialize in treating individuals with ASD?

My adult child with autism is looking for a job; where can I find help?

My child with ASD is not able to thrive in a traditional learning setting. What options do I have?

My child can’t function in our traditional family setting. Are there residential options for an individual with ASD?

 What other resources are available for individuals with an ASD?

Where can I find respite services?

What recreation and social opportunities are there for an individual with ASD?

What other supports are available for families of individuals with an ASD?

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