• Photo of Steve  Vetrano
    Steve Vetrano
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Photo of Patti  Kelly
    Patti Kelly
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Photo of Bill  Kennedy
    Bill Kennedy
    Financial Manager
  • Photo of Sonya  Smith
    Sonya Smith
    HR Director
  • Photo of Valerie  Garate Ramirez
    Valerie Garate Ramirez
    Chief Development Officer


  • Photo of Jasmine  Booker
    Jasmine Booker
    Job Skills Trainer
  • Photo of Allison  Boswell
    Allison Boswell
  • Photo of Charon  Corbett
    Charon Corbett
    Executive Assistant
  • Photo of Roxanne  De La Rosa
    Roxanne De La Rosa
    Grant Funding Specialist
  • Photo of Emma  Foytlin
    Emma Foytlin
    Donor Relations Manager
  • Photo of Tomika  Gallien-Ford
    Tomika Gallien-Ford
    Adult Day Program Supervisor
  • Photo of Crosby  Hebert
    Crosby Hebert
    Employment Services Manager
  • Photo of Kylie  Hofmeister
    Kylie Hofmeister
    Marketing & Events Manager
  • Photo of Samantha  Kelley
    Samantha Kelley
    Residential Supervisor
  • Photo of Dawn  Martin
    Dawn Martin
    Coordinator of Education Services
  • Photo of Melody  McNabb
    Melody McNabb
    Recruiting Specialist
  • Photo of Kara  Smith, RN
    Kara Smith, RN
    School Nurse
  • Photo of Jason  Wyatt
    Jason Wyatt
    Assistant Principal
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