The day school at Avondale House is both a contract site for public schools and a tuition-based private school. As such, students are admitted through two avenues:

Contract Facility for Public Schools – Avondale House is an approved contract site for all Texas public schools via ARD committee decision. Each Independent School District (ISD) has a unique process for providing services for students with autism. Public school parents are encouraged to work with their local ISD to evaluate and utilize all ISD services available before seeking a more restrictive contract placement.

Private School – Avondale House day school is a tuition-based private school for non-public school parents seeking an educational program specifically for students on the autism spectrum. We serve all functional levels, behavioral levels and academic levels of students with a developmental disability of autism and related educational, behavioral, and social needs. These related needs may include students with other developmental disabilities who would benefit from a school-based program that utilizes Applied Behavioral Analysis in a classroom setting.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our day school, please contact us to schedule an interview and site visit with the Avondale House school principal, who may in turn make arrangements to observe your child in their current school setting.